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I've been in Miami for 30 years. I like to think of myself as a fairly educated person knowing when business is being done correctly, fairly and professionally. My experiences at Anything Scooter has been nothing less than by not only having my electric motor bike repaired to my 💯 %? satisfaction But being treated Like family by creating a level of comfort that's is so important when your transportation in in someone's hands. This place isn't close to me and I've had my bike towed there because I would never take it anywhere else . Eve and Kieth from my first call have treated me me with nothing but respect s and It's one of the most professional and enjoyable experience I've ever had. And the pricing for repairs is more than reasonable and fair. I'm telling you , don't take your bike / scooter anywhere else. I'm telling you from personal experience! This guy knows what the hell he's doing!! He is a pro , I'm super happy I found Anything Scooter's and have had the honor to consider them as my friends.

Gage C.



5 stars, I am a customer since 2015, they are very kind and friendly, I highly recommend them, they know their business well, they know what they are talking about, they know what they do Eve and keft, they make you feel like you're among family ...




Goped and scooter guru!! Brought my limited edition GSR40 TSI that I picked up from offer up to his shop in need of u... MoreGoped and scooter guru!! Brought my limited edition GSR40 TSI that I picked up from offer up to his shop in need of upgrades. This guy brought it back to life and has people turning heads everytime that I fly by. I definitely plan on returning for future enhancements. I would highly recommend him due to the professionalism and it being a family oriented environment. They have the skills and gear that you need

Johnny J


EXCELLENT Service. No headache.




I took my neighbor here to get a cover for his scooter. He got one. He was very pleased with his purchase. No complai... MoreI took my neighbor here to get a cover for his scooter. He got one. He was very pleased with his purchase. No complaints. He said the gentleman whom helped him was great. So yay !!

Ed Morgan



The scooters are awesome and the price isn't that bad.




These folks are great! I've had my moped maintained by Keith for years, and he does great work. He truly cares abou... MoreThese folks are great! I've had my moped maintained by Keith for years, and he does great work. He truly cares about satisfying his customers, which is why he has such a loyal following. If you're looking to buy a scooter or moped, or to get one fixed, this is most DEFINITELY the place to go!

Andrew H



ive taken my scooter here keith is a good mechanic and only want your scooter to run the best. I had to call today and schedule to have a very simple repair and I got the front desk he was very prompt in calling me back and making sure all details with what I needed was correct. be there tomorrow morning!! ready to get on my scooter again!!




Best by a long way!!! I’ve gone back to them for the last 3 years. These guys are honest, professional and well priced. The mechanics know scooters inside out and have a massive choice of new and used bikes. Check them out

Sam W



New scooters to purchase and great deals




I recently puchased a Wolf RX-50 from Anything Scooters. They offer a layaway payment plan for those like me with limited resources. I have purchased numerous scooters from other dealers over the last 15 years and never really trusted the people I was dealing with. I trust Keith and Eve. They truly seem to care about their customers and the scooters they buy. They always tell me to call if I have any issues. I'm closely following their instructions regarding my scooter which I appreciate. I've only had the scooter a couple of weeks, but so far so good. Thanks, A Satisfied Customer


excellent service and attention

Ricardo S



I was going to order a cheap scooter online for me to tinker with yet I was a bit leary of wasting time and money. My adult son came to town and left his car in California and needed transportation that was cheaper then a rental for a couple of months. Suddenly my idea for a toy became a necessity. I found Anything Sccoters on Google and went there with low expectations. For sure I was going to find a cheap scooter huckster with a pressured car sales type of enviroment. I WAS WRONG. Keith was informitive, patient, and pointed out many little things I would never have considered by blindly ordering from an online seller. I bought a new Wolf Blaze 2 on the spot at a price that was very good. We were done within an hour. I did not have to worry about assembley, Chineese instructions, or shipping damage. My Wolf has 240 miles now and It's awsome. Power is good, no rattles, its very quiet, and very thrifty on fuel. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY and will soon buy a second Wolf for my wife when my son gives mine back to me. Thank you Anything Scooters. 10+ Months and 1700 miles on my Wolf scooter and zero issues. Thank you.

David S.



I purchased my scooter here great prices outstanding service. When I got in my accident they fixed it right up good as new in little to no time.

Rebecca R



Very knowledgeable, helpful, fair prices. Fixes my bike right the first time every time. I've had no reason to find another mechanic. They weren't my first mechanic i went to but will be the last! Honest about what you absolutely need and what service you need and when to keep your bike as long as possible. Thank you Keith and Eve @Anything Scooters!

Skeetskeet Scoot




Yes scooter is running good ! Chinese little guy is doing good 

He just needs some care by Keith


See u guys very soon!





Great place!

Scorpion DJ



I bought a cheap Chinese scooter off of Craigslist to take to the racetrack with me. These guys had the parts in stock for me to make the few small repairs! The main mechanic was extremely knowledgeable.

Austin W.


Hi Keith, 

I just wanted to Thank You! for your great service, kindness and hospitality to me by you and your wife...everything's working great..see ya' next week for oil change. I will recommend you every chance I get.   



Hi Keith and Eve
The bike is running very well, so far ,,,lol 
Thank you,
James G.
ps  I hit 45 mph with ease


Thank you so much for fixing the mess that the other shop created, you should be commended for your work as well as your professionalism. From now on you guys are my shop for repair and upgrades, and I will definitely spread the word around. ( I know many people). Your wife Eve was very professional on the phone and to some people that is very important. Thanks again. 


I bought a scooter on Craigslist from someone who opens a warehouse door and has several scooters to choose from. I put over 3000 km on it in 2 months and kept up with my oil and gear changes but suddenly lost acceleration.

I found Anything Scooters on Google and they are so close to me, it was perfect to go them. Keith and Eve are a wonderful couple. Keith informed me that I have been using the wrong oil the whole time. I found the bill of sale that specifically told me to use 10w40.....wrong..

Keith said 5w40 Diesel. Big difference. This was causing my scooter to go slower.
Keith changed the oil for me, very reasonable too. They sell, take trade ins, finance, repair and if you don't see it, they can order it for you. I saw a beautiful Wolf Jet that I was going to buy but heard that the next day a green scooter was coming in and that's my fave color.

I purchased her, I love her!  I named her Dolores,  Dolly for short. Had to be an Irish name.  I highly recommend Anything Scooters. I manage a hotel and will be doing business with them a lot more. Thank you so much! See you soon for a tune up for Roxy and oil change for Dolly. 

Bernadette S.


Just made it to 100 miles on the scooter. lol.  I'm old. lol. We will see you at 300 miles to get the oil changed, I can't wait to go over 30 mph. LOL...... The scooter is great. I am really enjoying when I get that break from work.  We are going to bring over the other scooter and see what you'll give us for a trade-in when we come for the 300 mile oil change.  The other "red scooter" Bill had you work on, is still running great and no issues, I think we just want a "new" one because we liked your "new" Wolf scooters.

Thanks so much again.  See you at 300.


I was just thinking of calling to thank you guys! :) i love my scooter and i'm having so much fun with it. i actually just sold my car and switched my insurance over to the scooter to cover it in case someone steals it or damages it somehow. now my insurance is like...$100 cheaper a month! :D my odometer is at 103 right now. i'm watching it to make sure i come see you two at 250. thank you guys so, so, so much for everything! everyone i know wants one now because they've seen mine, haha. thanks again! :) :)
- nicole



I just wanted to tell you, Robin absolutely loves the scooter, as do I. She runs wonderfully.  
Weird not having a little.thing in front for my Starbucks and stuff but who cares. Robin has named her Oceania. She said she would have picked this one over the Orange, so thank you.

I told her you guys lent me a loner while Roxy was being fixed. Then she saw her and was like wow, that's an amazing bike, I'm surprised they let you borrow her. So then I confessed. She was worried about money at first but she knows we are doing ok and to have Roxy as a back up,  is nice and.necessary.

Thank you for everything I really appreciate it.

Hi Keith, Wanted to thank you for answering all my questions concerning being the owner of a scooter. I can't believe I finally got one and at a great price. I've been enjoying it from day one. I will for sure let everyone know that you're the best guy to go to for a scooter. Blessings to you!
C. Luna

I like to take the time to say thank you. Your service was by far the best i've had. You guys did an awesome job on my scooter and i will recomend you keith to my other fellow riders.. Im so happy..
Giovanni G.


I brought my scooter to you guys and you fixed an issue that I have had for years and couldn't figure out. You guys are awesome!!!! Thank YOU!!!

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